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Structured Cabling Systems
Cat5e, Cat6 & Fibre Optic Cabling

Structured cabling allows you to integrate data, voice, wireless and video onto one cabling system. There are different standards for copper and fibre to consider, with varying degrees of price and performance. There are many different manufacturers of cabling systems, each with their own merits, and after years of installing systems we are uniquely placed to recommend only the best’s products which allows us to find a solution which matches your cost and performance requirements.

More commonly we provide copper to the desk, with fibre backbones to multiple wiring racks for larger or campus networks. We also offer fibre to the desk / workgroup solutions that offer the greatest performance hence long term usability for your investment; the costs are more comparable to copper than ever before.

We offer a free site survey because, frankly, this is the only way we can provide you with an accurate proposal. Every installation is different and the survey allows us to see your premises, assess cable routes and understand your requirements. Because of the thoroughness of this survey we stand by any time quoted for the installation.

1.   Initial Advice and consulting for the best possible solution chosen from wide range Copper and Fibre solutions.
2.   Formal written quotation.
3   Project Manager assigned for entire project.
4.   Installation commence with minimum disruption allowing work to go on as usual and we comfortably work alongside builders, construction projects, decorating and even around a quiet office environment.
5.   Thorough testing during and at the end of every project.
6.   The job will always be finished the job on time and the workplace left tidy.
7.   Test Results provided with Manufacturers Warranty Certificate.